Eva Perrotta and Corinne Cappelletti create deep-rooted, shared experience through performative, public actions from which result a wildcrafted choreographic landscape.


Their process is grounded in the study of how nature grows and the act of witnessing its imperceptible changes. Within natures' slow and steady growth process they find self-support and engage participants in an act of reciprocity. They experiment, craft and perform in an inclusive way, committing the necessary time and attention for each individual. As a container of support and witness, they stretch the boundaries between people and place within the practice of seeing and being seen. Eva & Corinne invite the public to act upon their choreographic work: reimagining systems of exchange between people and place.


Eva and Corinne build dances with the community, draw from what is available locally. As collaborative participants in the making of dances and community we, the audience and performers alike, can rediscover our shared environment and our individual selves. With this, a self-sustaining relationship relationship can develop; one based on reciprocity and a co-creative system of giving. Self-sustainability, community, and creativity are at the heart of their artistic interest

ro͞odərəl (of a plant) growing on waste ground or among refuse

ro͞odərəl questions reciprocity by observing our attitudes towards nature in the urban environment. It is a conversation with a street corner in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This corner holds a still picture representing a pivotal moment in time where wild species, new businesses, and neighbors cohabitate on the edge of great potential and great loss. Where the wild edible plants grow and the urban eye creeps in with an attempt to “revitalize” the neighborhood we call to action a “eco-dance” social exchange and performance platform.


In order to better understand the nature of the urban landscape (specific wild plants grow here and why), ro͞odərəl aims to create reciprocity and inclusivity, pertaining to both plants and people. Through our artwork we address our social responsibilities inherent within our multiple-roles-- as artist-performer, resident of NYC, and community-organizer -- in order to re-imagine how public action can be an interactive performance that is at once accessible to all people and also evocative, while holding space for an “outsider” (plant and person) to integrate into community and develop a deeper sense of place in the world. Through a lens of reciprocity, our experimental lab and collaborative performance platform empowers the local environment—both natural and man-made, as well as the people who live within it, to shift our attitudes, claim our space, and deepen our practices with nature in public spaces


OnebyOne is a live cartographic performance, mapping the pathways and development of the self through symbiotic relationship. It is a hybrid duet including live vocal composition, ancient human rituals, and organic growth patterns found in the body, plants and animal behavior.

OnebyOne seeks to understand the growth process through accumulating and also shedding layers of experience, like a tree peels away bark or a snake sheds skin.

A spiral pattern in the process of develop is very dynamic. It reveals how the growth process moves forward while also maintaining a steady connection to the center. From this steady center point, the spiral organically expands and opens constantly changing perspectives. The experience of how the center and the origin are intimately linked inspires our exploration of the source in our movement source, our form, and our interactions. It is because “she” can keep changing “her” perspective to the center that “she” can grow.



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