Nu Dance Theater

Nu Dance Theater was founded by Eva Perrotta in 2009. She has been working on many dance performances which goes from stage work to site specific work and dance film.


     for "Now" to be in the present moment (Celtic translation)
     for  "Naked" to find and give the pure essence of yourself (French translation)


Distording perceptions of life, Nu Dance Theater explores theatrical and visual ideas using the body as a tool to unveil human emotion. We transcend the boundaries of dance and collaborate within diverse artistic mediums and confront our bodies with unfamiliar physical and emotional environmental situations. Much like a dream, reality and imagination blend generating powerful moving images to create a poetic unity between the experience of life and its performance.
Nu Dance Theater celebrates the ephemeral nature of performing arts, the fragility of an instant, and the diversity of perspective. We are dedicated to offering our audiences the freedom to follow their own instincts and creativity. The viewer is immersed into the realm of the performance, as we employ a range of theatrical settings that integrates site-specific work. We create choreography that suits a single space and honors the meaning of site-s


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