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Who I am

My name is Eva Perrotta, I offer a therapeutic approach based on 2 folds:

The body and the mind.

During my professional career as a dancer and choreographer, I dedicated more than 20 years to the study of the body and its poetics in movement. Personal and professional experiences led me to open my interest towards the internal movements of the body and embryology in order to deepen the understanding of the origin of our movements.


After repetitive injuries and the encounter of a Canadian osteopath, I began to open my curiosity to the complexity of how my body was holding ancient trauma. With this new awareness and interest, I resumed my studies and first graduated as a massage therapist (LMT) in order to have access to more specialized studies in Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST). For 8 years I have been practicing craniosacral therapy in my private office and also in hospital structures and personal assistance associations.


My passion for the unconscious expression of the body and it powerful healing capability brought me more recently to follow a training in body and mindfulness-based psychotherapy called Hakomi.


Chronologically, I have studied at the School of Body Mind Centering®, the Swedish Institute college of health and science, the Upledger Institute, Barral Institute and the Milne Institute. I also studied extensively the energetic of the chakras and clairvoyant work with Susan Feinbloom. 

I am a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist through ISMETA and received a license as Massage Therapist (LMT) by the state of NY in 2014. 

The 2 methods that I propose (CST & Hakomi) are subtle and non-invasive approaches that place respect for the dignity and the autonomy of each individual at the forefront.


Together, we take the time to let the organicity of the body and mind find the confidence to express themselves fully in order to accompany the protective mechanisms to soothe and find their resolution.


The intelligence of the body can thus rediscover the deep vitality that animates its life force and engage with more range of motion and free choice in everyday life.

In my practice, I create a safe and sacred space for exploration and dialogue with the body and its deep wisdom.

The importance of the witness

I consider my therapeutic role as that of an informed and benevolent witness.


Regardless of the path already traveled, and the tools we have, it is in the relationship with others that we can deepen the knowledge of ourselves.


The presence of an experienced support person create a framework that support a space of trust. In this space, we can allow vulnerable and undiscovered parts that exist outside our cognitive fields to unfold and reveal there stories.

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