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Hakomi is an elegant and skillful method that support the study of ourselves with the assistance of a facilitator in order to get to know ourselves better, unravel implicit mechanisms and ways we have adjusted to early life situations in order to go on.


We work with mindfulness to slow down and focus on the present moment. In that way we can study what is alive in our body, in us, and how an experience organises itself sometimes faster than we can grab or comprehend. In doing so we can start to untangle emotions and discover about why and how we react a certain way to different situations, how we come to repeat unpleasant experiences or what drives us to make one choice more than another.


Hakomi offers the possibility to expand our window of tolerance with compassion and care and allows more freedom in to choose from a more authentic place what we really want for our life.


"Mindfulness is a pause - The space between stimulus and response: That's where choice lies."

Tara Brach

5 principles of Hakomi


A system made out of parts creates a whole organisation. Within this organisation exist a natural order, a movement connected to an organic process. We are constantly self organizing and following natural impulses towards growth and change.We recognize that each system has its own rhythm of unfolding and unique path for healing. 


The intention is focused internally, and 

consciousness is invited to slow down to study experiences arising within. We honor the highly complex map of our psyche and offer a gentle process of unfolding through learning to stay with an experience and deepening our relationship to it rather than reacting to it. This state of being offers spaciousness to hold a gentle observation of the present.


The use of force against a living system brings up resistance and increase the organisation of defensive strategies, sometimes very subtle.  

We respect the integrity of each person's experience and boundaries as well as knowing our own. There is no interpretation, advice or pathologizing of the person's experience. The focus is only on the unfolding of the experience itself.



Mind, body and spirit are continuously interacting and influencing each others to create the whole system of a person. These interactions are constantly at play in our postures, behaviors, belief systems. Hakomi holds that complex interaction and uses tools to navigate between these realm. The body is a bridge to the depth of our unconscious.


All of us are interconnected and in that regard can have an impact on each others. 

It is of our nature to belong and be a part of a greater interdependent system. We study how all these parts organize and speak to each others. A way to embrace unity is to welcome the parts of us who feel isolated or conflicted within.


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